Create and manage projects and automatically complete your 
timesheets at the same time.

Rapidly create and manage projects.
Fast reorganizing of existing information.
Simple linking to existing information of new projects.
Maintain existing information but view it in the way you want.
Save substantial time on completing timesheets.

Runs under Windows 2000, XP.
One button click to create new project automatically assigning new project reference. 
Project reference format and sequence number under user control.
Create, edit and delete projects.  
Cut and paste information into the project detail from other applications.
Move and copy letters, emails, faxes and other files into the project. Move folders into the project.
Each project has:
- Text editing, fonts and search facilities, etc.
- Up to 5 different project references.
- Project description.
- Full control on status and priority.
- Timesheet hours and description.
Enter Timesheet hours on the spot as time is spent and the project progresses.
Cut and paste from timesheet reports into existing enterprise timesheet systems.
Maintain list of projects.
Create, change and delete project lists. 
Create hierarchy of project lists, within a tree-structure of folders.
Create subprojects. 
Move projects between lists.
Allows a supervisory project control hierarchy to link to individual personal lists, operating across local network.
Project are self-contained objects and can be copied or moved between project lists or PC's.

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